Tangxia Techopolis Master Plan by Scott Myklebust

M CO Design is developing a master plan for a new urban district in Dongguan.  A 1.4 million square meter site will support a development area of 4.0 million square meters.

Located directly adjacent to the prominent central government district of Tangxia in Dongguan this new urban core will provide a 21st century hub for living, working and creating future innovations in technology, sustainability and high tech learning.  The design will employ the latest urban planning thinking from around the world in walkable live/work community building and environmentally sensitive design.  Collectively this approach will provide a place where people can thrive and enjoy the benefits of an energetic and diverse city experience.

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BuroHappold joins M CO Design for Dragon's Link by Scott Myklebust

We are pleased to announce that BuroHappold has joined M CO Design to help move the project forward as we progress towards an upcoming government meeting in early January. BuroHappold will provide the vital technical expertise related to environmental/water protection as well as structural design, construction feasibility and initial cost estimating.

“We are very careful to consider the environmental, social, structural and economic aspects of the proposed scheme,” says Greenwood. “A very natural concern for example, is that the reservoir is one of the providers of drinking water to Hong Kong, therefore any structure that straddles the water and carries traffic needs to ensure minimal potential for water pollution.” Greenwood continues, “BuroHappold is reviewing different solutions to this and the impact of any foundations on the reservoir bed, in terms of water seepage and sediment disturbance to ensure the best possible outcomes.” - Nick Greenwood, Group Director Hong Kong Office.

Dragon's Link in the Hong Kong Economic Times by Scott Myklebust

After Dragon's Link was posted to the Arch Daily website a number of other news organisations took note and have been in contact with us to run stories on the project as well.  One of these was the Hong Kong Economic Times (HKET) the leading Cantonese language daily newspaper in Hong Kong related to the Financial Industry.  HKET.com ran a positive story on the project on December 6th and within a 24 hour period of time the article had received a huge number of page views.

Partially due to this huge response from the HKET readers, we are getting close to a public hearing on the project at an upcoming District Council meeting.  More news to come on this...

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Tea Plantation Project by Scott Myklebust

M CO is in the early stages of developing a partnership with the Tea Institute in Nuwara Eliya to convert several colonial era homes into a new boutique hotel property.  A survey of the existing buildings along with topographical site survey are currently underway.

More information to come...

Tea pickers in Sri Lanka

Tea pickers in Sri Lanka

Dragon's Link Featured in Arch Daily by Scott Myklebust

Dragon's Link was picked up by the global architecture website Arch Daily on December 3, 2016.  The article reached a large audience and also prompted numerous other media outlets to contact us to run stories.  You can find the article at the banner above or click the blog title to go to Arch Daily.