BuroHappold joins M CO Design for Dragon's Link / by Scott Myklebust

We are pleased to announce that BuroHappold has joined M CO Design to help move the project forward as we progress towards an upcoming government meeting in early January. BuroHappold will provide the vital technical expertise related to environmental/water protection as well as structural design, construction feasibility and initial cost estimating.

“We are very careful to consider the environmental, social, structural and economic aspects of the proposed scheme,” says Greenwood. “A very natural concern for example, is that the reservoir is one of the providers of drinking water to Hong Kong, therefore any structure that straddles the water and carries traffic needs to ensure minimal potential for water pollution.” Greenwood continues, “BuroHappold is reviewing different solutions to this and the impact of any foundations on the reservoir bed, in terms of water seepage and sediment disturbance to ensure the best possible outcomes.” - Nick Greenwood, Group Director Hong Kong Office.